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1099 envelopes are required

1099 Envelopes

When you have employees' personal information on hand privacy is a big deal. Your business will be liable for any incidents of financial theft or identity theft that result from negligent handling of private documents and files. At phoenixphive.com, we do our part to help you file your employee tax information safely and securely. Our 1099 tax software has exceptional security features. These will help prevent outside parties from gaining access to your files. Also, some basic precautions ought to be taken like positioning the screen away from the view of others and keeping the financial computer in a locked room with minimal accessibility. Finally, be certain you don't overlook the minute details like official 1099 envelopes. These can save you from suffering liability in issues like mail theft or mail fraud. With phoenixphive.com, you can help deliver the best possible financial security to your employees.

1099 tax software offered here

1099 Tax Software

Is managing payroll for your company is quite the chore? If you're responsible for handling tax information, phoenixphive.com understands how frustrating it can be to navigate confusing computer programs. To assist you, we have created the most user friendly 1099 tax software you will ever encounter. It can handle any of the following forms.

  • 1099
  • 1098
  • 5298

You can get these in electronic forms for employees who choose e-File options or in paper forms for traditional tax preparation. For those choosing the paper route, we have taken care of all the details including the 1099 envelopes and 1098 forms. While management is still stressful, phoenixphive.com can take some of the stress out of managing corporate finances. Please let us know if you have any questions by calling us at 800.331.1811.

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