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Checks for quickbooks have microprinting

What is microprinting? Created in 1990 to deter counterfeiters, microprinting means that very small text too tiny for the naked eye is printed onto the item and it is usually hidden and unnoticeable. On the 2004 $20 bill, for example, microprint is hidden in the lower left corner border of the front. Sometimes, microprint is a conspicuous addition to checks that may also have MICR check printer routing symbols. A symbol MP follows what looks like a line on which the check account holder signs his or her name. This line is really a stream of microprint. Print this small is hard to reproduce onto, for example, potentially fake checks for QuickBooks, and when photocopied or scanned with a computer the print appears as a dotted line and so resists transferring to counterfeit items. Printing presses can't reproduce microprint either because it's just too small to engrave. It's a technology that allows phoenixphive.com to provide security products to you! Please use the navagation on the left to find the many products we offer, and thanks for shopping with us!

MICR check printer technology is reliable

What is MICR? It's a relatively old technology that is still used by banks today. It stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and was introduced to the American Bankers Association in 1956. By 1963 it was almost universally used. The font, either E-13B or CMC-7, is unique, and the characters used by a MICR check printer are found at the bottom of the paper in the E-13B font. Iron oxide is in the MICR ink and that makes it magnetic so it can be read into a system, even when these checks, for QuickBooks or other purposes, are obscured by other markings such as those from cancellation stamps. The characters' bulbous shapes produce waveforms that the reading device interprets. A curious fact is that in the 1960s, these MICR fonts came to symbolize modernism, and so "computer" typefaces that looked like the MICR fonts were created in imitation.

Please read further for more information on MICR toner cartridge supplies, software and more.

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