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Hello and welcome to the Phoenix Phive Software Support page. The single authoritative on-line source for help with Phoenix Phive Industrial Strength Payroll, Phoenix Phive Payroll, and The 1099 Package from Phoenix Phive. It is currently in a beta-like phase while we develop more content and refine the pages to cover the topics that you are having the most questions about.
Right now, you find a complete Help System for Industrial Strength Payroll. Complete with a full index, and fully-searchable, this manual is taken from the same manual that ships with Industrial Strength Payroll. It is apporoximately twice the size of these documents; containing many more and larger-size images. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are worth tens of thousands.
For you Payroll users, your on-line manual is still being written. In the meantime, Industrial Strength Payroll and basic Payroll are identical in all respects except features. So you can probably find the answers to your questions as well!
We have completed a section that we feel will be very helpful to all of you who use our download service to maintain your software, tax tables and forms.
Please click here to go to the Industrial Strength Payroll manual home page.
Many of you have questions installing updates that are delivered by email. That's why we have put this special section right on our support home page.
We often send updates using a 3rd-party forwarder called yousendit. We do this to enable you to receive these files, some of which are quite large, without unnecessary hassle from your email provider, or your email client on your computer. This service also performs a full virus scan on all files.
Some SPAM blockers refuse our mail. So, in order to ensure that you never miss out on an important update, we ask that you please add and to your list of safe senders.
Please click here for help on downloading.
Look for our complete guide and FAQ section coming soon

If you'd like a support technician to look at your problem, please click here.

You can also fax questions to (+1) 480.948.1379

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